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Rafting on The Animas River near Durango

Lower Animas:
Relax and enjoy a different view of historic Durango as you bounce through fun filled rapids like Smelter, Sawmill, Santa Rita and Pinball. Your guide will share history of the region and stories of local traditions. Trips from 2 hrs full day.

Upper Animas:
Conquer one of the toughest commercially run trips in the U.S. with its unique continuous pounding whitewater. Enthusiasts travel from around the world to challenge the rivers steep drop of 85 per feet mile and non-stop rapids. Concluding this quintessential whitewater experience, shuttle out of the canyon on the famous historic railroad for a unique and rewarding end to your trip. Trips 1-3 days.

Trip Ratings Length Price More Info
Animas River - Lower Animas Class II & III1/2 Day $44.00