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Rafting trips near: Lake City

Lake City remains a western frontier town nestled in the San Juan mountains at 8700 feet. Lake City has always been a base camp for adventurers heading into the rugged San Juan range. In the 1870's it was the lure of gold, silver and zinc that attracted miners to the area. Lake City's mining era is noted for its relatively peaceful ways compared to the rugged, lawless towns in other parts of Colorado in that era. It still has its legends with the most famous being Alfred Packer who was accused of cannibalism. Packer was with a group of miners trying to traverse the mountains in winter and became trapped, he was the sole survivor and his tales of survival intrigue historians to this day. Lake City is know for winter and summer mountain recreation being at the junction of Henson Creek and the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River. The Lake Fork provides chalenging spring whitewater rafting just a short drive from Gunnison.

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Gunnison - 65 miles

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Trip Rating Length Price More Info
Lake Fork - Upper Class II 1/2 Day $ 95.00
Taylor River Full Day Class II & III Full Day $ 95.50
Lower Taylor River Class II 1/2 Day $ 45.00
Lake Fork - Lower Class IV 1/2 Day $ 115.00
Gunnison River Fishing Class I & II 1/2 Day $ 350.00
Gunnison River - 1/2 Day Class I & II 1/2 Day $ 43.00
Taylor River - Extender Class III 1/2 Day $ 73.00
Taylor River - Shorty Class III 1/2 Day $ 53.00