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Trip name:   Colorado River - Ruby Canyon 1,2 & 3 Days

Adventure Bound
Phone #: 970.245.5428
Toll free #: 800.423.4668

River:   Colorado River - West Section

Section:   Ruby/Horsethief Canyons

Difficulty:   Class I

Price:   $ 325.00

Description:   Ruby Canyon meets and returns to Grand Junction, Colorado and provides a breathtaking sample of the dramatic canyon vistas that characterize the Colorado River. This tranquil 25-mile stretch is perfect for Wildlife Viewing, hiking, relaxing and inflatable kayaking. inflatable kayaks, which are considered the best adventure around, and Ruby is the best place to try them for the first time! If inflatable kayaking isn't what you're after, jump in an oar boat with an experienced guide. The most scenic and pristine 1-day trips around. You will find yourself immersed in the narrow canyons away from the highways and numerous people. Join us for a rejuvenating day of rafting on the river!

Private Charter Trips: Available on all trip lengths. Choose your own date, April through November. Call for details.

1-Day: Adult/Youth/Group $95

2-Day: Adult $325 / Youth $250 / Group $250

Please call 800-423-4668 or go to: Ruby/Horsethief Canyon Rafting Trips

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