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Trip name:   Colorado River - Upper Colorado 3/4 Day

Good Times Rafting
Phone #: 719-395-4200
Toll free #: 855-440-7238

River:   Colorado River - Upper Section

Section:   Upper Colorado

Difficulty:   Class I & II & III

Price:   $ 78.00

Description:   This is a great trip for anyone looking to get on the river. Our relaxing 3/4 day trip starts with a gorgeous float through some of Colorado's most serene wilderness. You stand a good chance of seeing bald eagles and other wildlife before we enter into several class II and potentially class III rapids, depending on water levels. After the rapids we stop for a gourmet riverside lunch prepared by your guides. If you have members of your group looking for more adventure you can rent a Stand Up Paddle Board to bring on the trip! inquire with the Good Times staff for more details.