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Trip name:   Arkansas River - Bighorn Sheep Canyon  - Full Day

Arkansas River Tours
Phone #: 719.942.4362
Toll free #: 800.321.4352

River:   Arkansas River

Section:   Bighorn Sheep Canyon

Difficulty:   Class III & IV

Price:   $ 95.00

Description:   This trip launches beneath the dramatic Cotopaxi cliffs at our convenient riverside base. We begin the trip in easy water to give us time to form a competent paddle crew (or passengers in an oar boat). Floating past spectacular geological formations and views of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, we run exciting Class II-III rapids like Texas Creek, Maytag, and Devil's Hole. After a delicious buffet lunch, we plunge into more demanding and technical rapids: Prelude, Reefer Madness, Spikebuck and Shark's Tooth, to name a few. This trip is suitable for first-timers or experienced rafters. Sightings of bighorn sheep are very common in this section. The full day trip is the best value and most rewarding river experience, with a trip time of 5 to 6 hours.