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Trip name:   Arkansas River - Royal Gorge Grand Slam

Arkansas River Tours
Phone #: 719.942.4362
Toll free #: 800.321.4352

River:   Arkansas River

Section:   Royal Gorge

Difficulty:   Class IV & V

Price:   $ 125.00

Description:   Twice the adventure! Combine running the actual 10-mile Royal Gorge section twice for the most action possible on the Arkansas River. Lunch is included. Huge waves, steep technical drops, and almost continuous whitewater in a narrow canyon awaits you with rapids like Sledgehammer, Wallslammer, the Narrows, Boateater, and the infamous Sunshine Falls. The river may demand so much attention you won't even notice the world-famous Royal Gorge Bridge 1053' above the river. This trip is for experienced rafters with plenty of stamina who want the ultimate whitewater experience.