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Trip name:   Yampa River - Yampa Canyon 4 & 5 Days

Adventure Bound
Phone #: 970.245.5428
Toll free #: 800.423.4668

River:   Yampa River

Section:   Deerlodge Park to Split Mountain

Difficulty:   Class III & IV & V

Price:   $ 847.00

Description:   LAST OF THE WILD ONES! See the headwaters of the Colorado River system and ride the crest of one of the best river trips in the world. The Yampa River water level is based on snow melt during the first part of the season, so book your trip early. Located within the Dinosaur National Monument, it's home to the largest single collection of bones during the "Jurassic" period. These famous waters are compressed between canyon walls creating unforgettable rapids such as "Big Joe", "Teepee", and "Warm Springs".

Journey through time as you explore side canyons within the Dinosaur National Monument and visit ancient Indian ruin sites left behind by the Fremonts. Explore the Dinosaur quarry at the end of the adventure to view thousands of prehistoric bones buried in the mountainside. Sit back and relax while guides prepare hearty meals at private campsites along the river.

Please call 800-423-4668 or go to: Yampa River Rafting Trips

4-Day: Adult $847 / Youth $773 / Group $752
5-Day: Adult $936 / Youth $852 / Group $836

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